Registration Information & Fees

2024 Rates Campers and CITs

$389.00 per Week

Please Note: There is a two week commitment for CITs. 

Payment Methods

  • MasterCard and Visa accepted for camp balances or payment in full
  • Up to a 3.5% processing Fee will be automatically applied to all payments using a credit card
  • Camp balances or payment in full can be made by check without a 3.5% processing fee

2024 Discounts

Spring Special

  • New Campers $369.00 per week, save $20.00 per week
  • Returning Campers $379.00 per week, save $10.00 per week
  • CITs $239.00 per week, save $150 per week (2 Week Minimum)6


  • A $100 deposit per week, per child by check or credit per camper must accompany each application.
  • Deposits are non refundable as of May 1, 2024.
  • Balances may be paid in 2 installments on April 30, 2024 and May 30, 2024.
  • All camp balances are due in full by May 30, 2024.
  • Applications after May 1, 2024 must be accompanied by full payment.
  • Any new registrations received after May 1, 2024 must submit all required camp forms within 5 business days upon completion of registration. Late forms will be subject to a $25.00 processing fee per camper. No refunds for missed days of camp due to late forms or payments.
  • Any changes to the camper registration after May 1, 2024 will be subject to a $25.00 processing fee per camper.
  • Applications will be processed in the order they are received and confirmation for pre-registrations will be sent.
  • Wait-listed children will be accepted according to space availability by grade.
  • Any scholarships awarded by Camp Hadar will be applied to your balance due.
  • If you are receiving scholarships from Rekindling Curiosity NH or other agencies, you MUST notify Camp Hadar by email and funds must be received prior to the last day of camp.

Registration Cancellation

  • After May 1, 2024 Camp Hadar will retain the non refundable $100 deposit per week, per child.
  • As of June 1, 2024 Camp Hadar is unable to offer any refunds or credits.

2024 Transportation

  • Transportation is available from centrally located bus stops in Andover, Chelmsford, and Peabody Massachusetts.
  • $60.00 per camper per week, due to the INCREASED cost of transportation.


  • Completed medical forms, proof of medical insurance coverage, camper liability waiver, and all camp forms are due no later than June 1st and are required before your child may attend camp.  Any camp forms submitted after June 1st will be subject to a $25.00 processing fee per camper.
  • ALL camper forms and full payment MUST be submitted to Camp Hadar prior to the camper beginning their first session.
    • 5 business days are required to process all camper forms and payments before a camper may begin their first session. Late forms will be subject to a $25.00 processing fee per camper. No refunds for missed days of camp due to late forms or payments.
    • ALL camp forms are found on the dashboard when you log into your Camp Hadar Account. To access the forms in your dashboard, click on the Forms and Documents Icon. A due date will be posted next to each required form.  Any outstanding forms will show as OVER DUE. If a form has been submitted it will show Rcvd. and the date submitted. Forms should NOT be mailed to Camp Hadar. Most forms can be completed digitally online through the dashboard.  Some forms may need to be submitted by Fax.  Forms needing to be submitted by fax will have a bar code. When faxed, the bar code will automatically attach the form to your child’s account.