CIT Program

Our 2-year Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program enables teens in the 9th and 10th grades to bridge the gap between camper and staff AND become strong, effective camp counselors.  Minimum two-week commitment.  Consecutive weeks preferred.

C.I.T. Director: Jason Stark

  • Junior C.I.T. – entering 9th grade
  • Senior C.I.T. – entering 10th grade

Essential Goals:

  1. The CIT program’s OVERALL goal is to transition campers to strong, effective staff members at Camp Hadar.
  2. The goal of the Junior CIT for the summer is to develop self-confidence in their leadership and role modeling abilities
  3. The Senior CITs goal is to take meaningful roles to reflect their readiness to become counselors, assist in leading a bunk, and managing expectations of camp leadership.

Skill goals:

  1. CITs will listen to their supervising staff members and do their best to help plan and implement activities for campers.
  2. CITs will demonstrate increasing levels of proactive behavior in helping and leading camp activities.
  3. CITs will behave in a manner that is consistent with Camp Hadar’s goals and values and model those behaviors for campers and fellow CITs and staff.
  4. CITs will reflect the expectations and norms of Camp Hadar and if an occasion arises where there is a conflict between themselves and another member of the community, the CITs will respond in a prosocial and appropriate manner.


CIT development will focus on these four effective skills of a camp counselor:

  1. Conflict Management
  2. Active-Listening
  3. Modeling
  4. Problem Solving

For more information about our CIT Program, please contact Jason Stark.