“NEW” CIT Program (10th Graders)

Our “NEW” Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program enables teens entering the 10th grade to bridge the gap between camper and staff AND become strong, effective camp counselors.  Minimum two-week commitment.  Consecutive weeks preferred.

C.I.T. Director: Brett Denly

C.I.T. – entering 10th grade

The CIT program is vital to the success of campers transitioning to be high quality and well trained and adjusted staff members. The goal of the program is to immerse CITs in the daily job operations and activities that an actively employed counselor carries out each day. Ultimately,  CITs will become independent and also have the confidence to perform as a staff member, of course with continued support. The CIT program will also provide team building opportunities, time to “play” and enjoy a camp day from a new perspective, and bond with same-aged peers both socially and as co-workers. A counselor’s job is unlike other jobs because young adults learn skills that they do not generally experience in other places of employment. CIT training provides the bridge to leadership that is needed to foster friendships, develop conflict resolution skills, and learn what it means to be a leader in a community. CITs will gain valuable skills that will assist them not only at Camp Hadar, but also in the context of their lives as they become adults that are navigating higher education and the workforce. CITs will experience on-the-job training from role models that are hard working, creative, organized, and responsible. 


Some responsibilities of CITs include:


  • Leading group activities

  • Assisting in resolving conflict amongst campers and reinforcing positive relationships

  • Encouraging friendships and community building

  • Using talents and hobbies to inspire campers and teach new skills

  • Taking initiative to get campers involved with all activities


Skills and attributes that are developed and improved by being enrolled in the CIT program include:


  • Being an active leader in a community

  • Problem solving 

  • Self confidence

  • Learning how to care for young children and be a positive role model

  • Following and maintaining routines and schedules 

  • Specialized interests such as art, athletics, swimming, archery etc.

  • Communication 

  • Holding yourself accountable 

  • Leaving your comfort zone

For more information about our CIT Program, please contact info@camphadar.org